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                    简体中文 简体中文 English

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                    Welcome to KeenSen !


                    RO & NF Membrane Products Manufacturer

                    We Are KeenSen,And You, For You !

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                    Learn More +HOT SALE

                    • Residential Series RO Membrane Element RO-1812-75

                      Residential Series RO Membrane ElementRO-1812-75

                      Residential Series RO Membrane ElementRO-1812-75Learn Moreyobo娱乐
                    • Fouling Resistant RO Membrane Element BW-8040FR

                      Fouling Resistant RO Membrane ElementBW-8040FR

                      Fouling Resistant RO Membrane ElementBW-8040FRLearn Moreyobo娱乐
                    • Ultra-low Pressure RO Membrane Element ULP-8040

                      Ultra-low Pressure RO Membrane ElementULP-8040

                      Ultra-low Pressure RO Membrane ElementULP-8040Learn Moreyobo娱乐
                    • High Rejection yobo娱乐
 Element NF1-8040

                      High Rejection yobo娱乐 ElementNF1-8040

                      High Rejection yobo娱乐 ElementNF1-8040Learn Moreyobo娱乐

                    Learn More +Cases

                    Why KeenSen ?

                    • TEAM:Professional international
                      trade group
                    • CAPACITY:6,000,000 ㎡ production capacity and
                      experienced production team
                    • PATENT:Achieved more than ten practical and
                      inventive patents
                    • PROCESS:Strict process to assure the products

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                    About KeenSen
                    • Factory
                    • Certificates
                    • Clients
                    • KeenSen Factory
                    • KeenSen Office
                    • Production Equipment
                    • Production Workshop
                    • Quality Testing
                    • Dedicated Worker
                    • KeenSen Quality Testing
                    • KeenSen

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                    • NSF Certificate 58
                    • NSF Certificate 58 61
                    • Hi-tech Enterprises Certificate
                    • Patent: An Automatic Equipment for Applying Glue and Folding Flat SheetsF+
                    • Patent: A Conveying Device for Barrel Packing Chemicals
                    • Patent: A Continuous Flat Sheets Rolling Device
                    • Patent: A Rinse System for RO Membrane Elements
                    • Patent: A Polysulfone Adhesiveness Testing Device
                    • Design Patent: Membrane Package Carton
                    • Design Patent: Membrane End Cover
                    • Patent: A Flat Sheets and Spacers Multifunctional Cutting Machine
                    • Patent: A Vacuum Testing and Glue Adding Device of RO Membrane Elements
                    • Patent: A Membrane Flat Sheets Appearance Inspection Device
                    • Patent: A Solvent Drum Seal Cap
                    • Patent: A Dyeing Test Device to Analyze the Glue Lines of RO Membrane Elements
                    • Patent: A Stereo Storage Rack for Reverse Osmosis Membrane
                    • Patent: A Membrane Housing End Plugging Device Used for Membrane Testing System
                    • Patent: A Dedicated Cutting Device of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing
                    • Patent: A Dyeing Test Device of Reverse Osmosis Membrane
                    • Sanitary Permit of Sew Water Membranes
                    • Sanitary Permit of Nanofilteration Membrane Elements
                    • Sanitary Permit of Nanofilteration Membranes
                    • Sanitary Permit of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements
                    • Sanitary Permit of Reverse Osmosis Membranes
                    • Member of Membrane Industry Association of China
                    • Advanced Customs Declaration Enterprise in Hunan
                    • Member of Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association
                    • Member of the Customs Association
                    • Standing Committee Unit of Drinking Water Sanitation and Safety Association
                    • Member of China Water Desalination Association

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                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients
                    • KeenSen Clients

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                    Looking for partner and agent
                    from all over the worldAgents Wanted

                    Learn More +Events

                    KeenSen will attend AQUATECH CHINA 2019KeenSen will attend AQUATECH CHINA 2019

                    Keensen Technology Successfully Participated  VIETWATER 2018Keensen Technology Successfully Participated VIETWATER 2018

                    KeenSen Technology attended the WETEX DUBAI 2018KeenSen Technology attended the WETEX DUBAI 2018

                    Keensen Technology Successfully Participated WEFTEC 2018Keensen Technology Successfully Participated WEFTEC 2018

                    Keensen Technology Successfully Participated the ECWATECH 2018 in RussiaKeensen Technology Successfully Participated the ECWATECH 2018 in Russia

                    KeenSen will attend ECWATECH-2018KeenSen will attend ECWATECH-2018

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